+ Best uptime (99.99%)
+ Top 5 speed (405 ms)
+ One-Click-Install for WordPress
+ Easy to use, beginner-friendly + Free domain and site builder

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  • Best uptime (99.99%)
  • Fast, 405 ms load time as average
  • Good & quick customer support
  • Recommended by
  • 1-Click installs for website builders
  • Cheap introductory cost
  • Some disadvantage

BlueHost – Why is it so popular?

Bluehost is part of a substantial Massachusetts-based corporation Endurance International Group, that has grown its hosting and related business through numerous acquisitions and currently consists of more than 80 brands. With that being said, EIG pours millions of dollars into marketing, making Bluehost one of the most popular hosting providers. 

Bluehost is also one of the providers recommended by WordPress, which explains how they manage to host over two million websites. Why are they so popular? Thanks to the large volume of business, they offer substantial discounts. Besides providing a full range of web hosting services, Bluehost offers marketing training, SEO services, social media marketing, graphic design services, email, domain names, and more tools for beginning bloggers as well as for developed businesses.

Why are you going to love Bluehost?

First and foremost, Bluehost and WordPress are a perfect match. Bluehost is optimized for WordPress sites, you will find all the tools, plugins, themes, and third-party integrations starting from $2.96. The cool thing is that you will also receive Google ads credits for free by hosting your website on Bluehost’s servers. The back end of their cPanel was redesigned in 2019, so it is user-friendly and easy to catch up with. 

We all know how frustrating it can be to wait for a site to load.

Besides being frustrating, load speed is an important ranking factor that the major search engines use. Want to be on top? Make sure your load speed is excellent. Bluehost provides Cloudflare CDN service, which allows its customers to speed up their websites and performance efficiently. Even if your server goes down for some reason, the Cloudflare CDN service will keep your website up and running for current users since it keeps a cached copy of the site for users and readers.

Bluehost features

In this review, I’m focused on more accessible, cost-efficient shared hosting options. Let’s take a closer look at the technical features that Bluehost offers with their shared hosting plans. 

  • From one to unlimited websites, depending on a chosen option;
  • Unmetered bandwidth with all available options;
  • SSD storage space starts from 50GB with the cheapest option and goes all the way to unlimited with higher plans;
  • Free SSL certificates with all available packages, which is a big plus;
  • From one to unlimited domains;
  • Free site builders;
  • Dozens of site tool add-ons;
  • 25 subdomains included with the lowest plan;
  • 5 parked domains;
  • Microsoft mailbox is available starting from the Plus plan, and it’s free only for 30 days;
  • You can create up to 20 databases with the basic package and unlimited databases with the other packages;
  • 24/7 expert support available via various channels.

Bluehost Pros and Cons

Bluehost is a big name in the hosting business with a good reputation, reliable uptime, and fast page loading. But there are still details you need to consider while choosing a hosting provider, that’s why we’ve created this table below to highlight the main advantages and disadvantages of Bluehost.



  • Generous storage even with the cheapest plan – 50 GB, while some providers offer you as little as 10 or 15 GB;
  • Free SSL certificates are a huge plus; some providers will charge you extra for that;
  • You can create up to 5 email accounts with its basic plan and unlimited email addresses with higher options;
  • Uninterrupted uptime indicated by most of the user performance tests. However, they don’t offer SLAs to guarantee you a minimum uptime
  • Unlimited bandwidth: they do not have defined limitations, which means you are not charged for the disk space or bandwidth you use. 
  • Bluehost does not provide redundant or mirrored backups. They run some backups, but they do not guarantee their integrity. To keep your website entirely safe, you will need to run your own backups and store them on your own machine;
  • The website migration to Bluehost will cost you about $150 to migrate 5 websites, which is not necessarily an issue if you’re building a site from scratch;
  • The US-based servers only. Be aware of this flaw if the majority of your readers come from other parts of the world since it could significantly worsen their experience by slower loading time.

 When to use Bluehost?

It’s a good match for medium-size organizations and those who don’t need hand-holding at every step. If you have moderate traffic and are not looking for very sophisticated tools – Bluehost is a great option. If you are just planning to build your website on WordPress – Bluehost is one of the recommended providers.

When not to use Bluehost?

When the majority of your website users are located outside North America. If you are looking for advanced hosting features like staging areas or Git repositories, Bluehost isn’t your perfect match.

It’s probably not the best match for complete beginners as well, as their support is not the most helpful. 

Is Bluehost easy to use?

They use one of the most popular control panels out there, simplifying the transfer process for many experienced users if they are migrating their websites from elsewhere. You have a choice of WordPress CMS, the Weebly website builder, the goMobi Mobile Web Builder, or uploading files using FTP or File Manager, so you have all the flexibility in the world to build your perfect website. 

The knowledge base is helpful, but live-chats are pretty slow, and they have eliminated the ticket-based support this year in their words to focus on providing personalized advice. Still, it could be frustrating to explain your situation over and over again.

Bluehost pricing 

At first sight, Bluehost seems to be really affordable, with its basic plan starting at $2.95/month. As with many other providers, you will pay more upon renewal. For shared hosting, they have four options. There are three additional shared hosting options optimized for WordPress hosting pretty much in the same price range as the regular options.

The Basic plan includes 50 GB of SSD storage, 50 GB SSD Storage, unmetered bandwidth, free SSL Certificate, and one included domain. There are five parked domains added, meaning that you could “occupy” up to 5 more domains for your future development and/or to protect your website against possible cybersquatting. Plus, you have 25 subdomains to extend the content of your website. A quick example for beginners: your website’s domain is Then you extend the reach of your website and have multiple divisions to it:,, etc. The starting price for the basic plan is $2.95/month if you subscribe for 3 years, the regular and renewal price is $7.99/month. Monthly payments are not available. 

The following plan is Plus, it offers you all perks of the Basic plan plus unlimited SSD Storage, unlimited domains, parked domains, and subdomains. Moreover, they have added SpamExperts, an advanced email filter that scans and filters your incoming email for spam, viruses, phishing, and other email-related attacks, and one Microsoft-365 mailbox for thirty-days trial. If you don’t use it, don’t forget to unsubscribe from this since they will charge you ever after. The Plus plan starts at $5.45 per month and goes up to $10.99 upon renewal.

The next, Choice Plus plan, is basically the same as the Plus plan, but with Domain Privacy + Protection and site backup – CodeGuard Basic. This one’s starting price equals the Plus plan, but upon renewal – $14.99/month.

And the last shared option is tailored for professional websites with high traffic and more significant storage demands. With the Pro plan, you will get everything from the Choice Plus, two spam experts, dedicated IP, and higher performance thanks to fewer users per server and up to 300,000 file count for $13.95/month ($23.99 – renewal price).

Does Hostizilla recommend Bluehost?

Yes, we do. First of all, plans are pretty affordable, even upon renewal. Secondly, you won’t find many hidden charges like with some other providers. We don’t like that you will be responsible for your own backups with lower plans, but at the end of the day, it’s an easy and straightforward procedure, and you won’t pay extra for it.

We like the WordPress optimized hosting options and hundreds of marketing tools that are accessible and easy to use. Marketing credits come in handy, especially at the beginning of your journey, where every dollar counts.  

They do have 24/7 support, but I wouldn’t rank it as the most helpful since they will try to send you to the knowledge base, by default, and it takes them a long time to respond. So get ready to solve many issues on your own.

Their uptime is decent as well as the loading speed. cPanel is easy to use and user-friendly.

Bluehost Frequently asked questions

Where are Bluehost servers?

The company operates its servers in-house at a facility in Provo, Utah.

Can Bluehost host Wix? 

No, Wix sites all of their content is hosted exclusively on Wix’s servers, and cannot be exported elsewhere. That’s Wix’s policy.

Bluehost – can I upgrade later?

You can always upgrade your plan at any time from your Bluehost dashboard, or you can ask the customer support. 






Plans start at:
Fastest Speed
Reliable hosting for SMBs and individuals.
-20% for the first 3 months.
Easy of Use
Pricing Policy
Customer Support
5.0 Overall Rating

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